Video Van Persie Vs Ivanovic Ivanovic gave an elbow to Robin who Pushed him Both booked Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal

see-turkeyVan Persie shoves Ivanovic, van Persie gets booked so does Ivanovich What a dive by Ivanovic!. Van persie calling ivanovic a 'fuXXing wXXker or PXXk'. Van Persie shoving Ivanovic, and the Chelsea defender throwing himself to the floor. Ivanovic gave an elbow to Robin. Robin mad and pushed Ivanovic. Both booked.

Robin Van Persie and Branislav Ivanovic are both booked for their part in a pushing and shoving

Watch Van Persie Vs Ivanovich here: The video is either hosted on youtube, dailymotion or any other video hosting site.

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