Video Spearing Red Card vs Fulham Spearing was sent off for a tackle on Dembele Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

Goals and HighlightsRed Card for Spearing ! Hope Dembele's safe. Spearing tackle a foul It was dangerous Straight red for Spearing, three match ban. What do you think about Spearing's red card?

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13 Responses to "Video Spearing Red Card vs Fulham Spearing was sent off for a tackle on Dembele Fulham 0-0 Liverpool"

  1. DH says:

    trying to think when have i seen one of these get a red card in world football. id say this is the first time. my heard goes out to spearing. steven gerrard does these week in week out without a single card. ive been saying for years, and its not anything against english people, but we need to head hunt refs from abroad. i saw around three very strange decisions that were not fouls and given. Andy carrol fell over, he went down, he was embarressed a bit, whistle went an he got a free. the whole pub of pool fans in dublin went ...stoooop!. Rise got a free with bellamy where he turned and his leg caught bellamy, he lost his balance (was having a bad game anyway) an the whistle went. im sorry but the prem has some top refs but there are only around four that come to mind. Refs worry me too much man...

  2. JM says:

    well, the red card is not scandalous; I would say its a 50-50 call. Tackling at full speed with two feet, one leg up, it is dangerous even though he got the ball first...

  3. zacko says:

    Never a foul in any realm of football, let alone a red card. Just ridiculous. Referee should be sacked.

  4. Guthix says:

    tbh i wouldnt even call this a tackle, nobody had control of the ball, spearing came in and booted it, dembele ran accross the man.... what happened to good old fashioned football .... not the first atrocious decision made by KF

  5. Anonymous says:

    JM: You're right, it's a 50-50 call. It's either a free kick or not a free kick. Never a red card though. Mr Friend won't be reffing the prem any time soon.

  6. Alee Saiid says:

    can give a yellow card but not a direct red....

  7. Anonymous says:

    If he had just passed the ball, it wouldn't have been red. Unfortunately, he lifts his legs to stamp on Dembele's ankles right after he passes the ball. Maybe some of you guys are blind. Luckily, the ref wasn't.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I must be going mad. I am a fan of neither club so this is completely unbiased. The Laws of the Game state that any tackle that has the RISK of potentially injuring an opponent must be dismissed. No-one in their right mind can say that tackle wasn't endangering the risk of that player. His foot was planted on the ground and the liverpools studs went straight into his ankle. The Laws of the game does not take into consideration whether the player INTENDED to hurt him, neither does it take into consideration if he GOT THE BALL or not. You might not like the decision, but my God it was the CORRECT ONE! People say the Referee should be sacked or suspended, trust me, he would have been suspended if he DIDN'T send him off!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What a great call from Kevin Friend. He got that one spot on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    two-footed studs blazing flying leap into Dembele's ankle. Dembele reaction was to get off the ground to keep from having his ankle broken or suffering ligament damage - so it looked like he was embellishing but he was just saving his ankle. He needs to get to the ground earlier and keep his off leg back not UP with studs bared. Straight red-card. I've always considered Spearing a dirty tackler anyway; for that matter, Liverpool has plenty of dirty tacklers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ha you say the Ref would have gotten suspended if he didn't sent im off?!You see Refs all the time which are completely wrong but nothing ever happens to them! They are untouchable in a sense!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Then you at 6.30 AM clearly DON'T watch football properly no? Off the top of my head? Google Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea August 2007 with THE worst penalty award sorry JOKE of an award I've EVER fucking seen. HE (the Ref in that game - Rob Styles I think) Not only was demoted for a week or two after that game but the Head of the Ref's association apologised to us for that piece of pantomime out the theatre.

    And as to the prat at 10.26 AM? You Sir are quite Clearly BLIND and a fool. If THAT is 2 footed and dangerous worthy of a 3 match ban? Then what on earth was the physical assault carried out by Rooney on the Montenegran player in October worthy of? And guess WHICH one got the longer ban? Yep, Jay's Tackle - Why not rename the Fuckers the Ferguson Association for that is what they are. Oh by the way - Didn't see you mention either Dembele's amateur acrobatics & histronics to said ref' (MIRACLE recovery it MUST be said) OR the disgusting headbutt on Bellamy by Dempsey - If Spearing's (a borderline YELLOW at best!!) WAS Red in your biased, pathetic and BLIND little view? What on Earth Was THAT worthy of? A red and a 4 match ban at least - Not that the snide little tw*t will get anything and indeed was there to score later when by rights? Bellamy should of let his restraint go (again behind the ref's back) Nutted the fool as deserved and seen how effective his ridiculous little headbut was from the FLOOR on his back!! Or alternatively he COULD have taken a lesson out of the Dembele book of dives, gone to the floor as though murdered, waited UNTIL the thug Dempsey was sent off and returned, bouncing back to his feet hale & hearty soon afterwards.

    But no, instead Bellamy did the decent thing and ignored the pathetic tw*t Dempsey's little act instead of Flattening him Or getting him done - Either of which he Was QUITE capable of and Yet? LFC are the ones to suffer. Makes perfect sense mind when you look at just WHOSE on the FA Board and WHO is their head no? Notice you didn't mention ANY Of that DID you poster at 10.26 AM - Wonder why THAT was? Since apart from your hypocrisy it also showcases your utter stupidity and the fact that quite simply? You're either an utter idiot, a Fulham fan or most probably BOTH - Not that the two are distinguishable after Monday's utter disgrace. Classless players, scum fans. Shame for Fulham as they're a homely little club but there you go - The smaller ones usually DO attract their fare share of small minded IDIOTS and Fulham are quite clearly NO exception - Not with d*ckheads like YOU supporting them anyway eh 10.26? Takes all kinds...........................

  13. Referee@TheFA says:

    The Referee was 100 per cent correct.

    Firstly for a red card to be issued immediately you have to deem the player to have used 'excessive force' which no one can argue Spearing did.

    Then if we take into consideration the fact both feet were off the floor he has also broken Law 12 of the game in that he has 'jumped at an opponent with excessive force' which is deemed Serious Foul Play.

    He has then also broken Law 12 in the fact that he has 'tripped or attempted to, an opponent with excessive force' which again is violent conduct.

    Take away the fact he won the ball from your mind. The fact a player has played the ball is irrelevant when it comes to judging a tackle. It is all about endangering your opponent, whether you touch the ball or not.

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